Auto Electrical Repair & Servicing

Modern vehicles feature complex auto electrical systems that often need maintenance and repairs to keep your car and various components operating correctly.

Your electrical system is involved in everything from your starter motor, air-conditioning, lighting and fuel system.  If you notice issues with your lighting (indicators not working or blinking too fast) or warning indicator lights are shown on your dash, book an appointment so that we can help diagnose the issue.

Common Electrical Warning Signs

Auto electric problems often start to show symptoms such as:

  • Warning lights on dashboard
  • Car not starting
  • Engine cutting out while driving
  • Lighting behaving erratically
  • Battery warning light is on
  • Check engine light is on

Electrical problems can result in strange behaviour with your car features and become a security hazard.  We have the right equipment to quickly diagnose and repair electrical faults, so call us to book an appointment.

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