Mechanical Repairs

There are lots of moving parts and seals in your vehicle and we offer a wide range of mechanical diagnostic and repair services for all aspects of your car.

if you have experienced any problems with your car, whether it has recently broken down, leaks oil, makes strange noises or just doesn't feel quite right then call us to book an appointment.  Left unchecked a small mechanical problem can become more severe and more expensive to fix.

Common Warning Signs

Usually when something is wrong with your vehicle you will start to see symptoms such as:

  • Strange noises (knocking, ticking)
  • Leaking oil where you park your car
  • More difficult to start than usual
  • Using more fuel than usual

Often when caught early the fix is simple, but it's always important to check that there are no serious underlying problems that could be a safety risk or end up leaving you stranded.

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